Nothing is more important than eating well. At
SALTAIRE MARKET, we believe you are entitled to
the best ingredients and finest natural foods.

Indian Vegan Red Lentil Soup

Made with fresh ginger, coconut milk, turmeric, cardamon, mace, nutmeg, corriander, chilies, coconut oiltomato and onions.

A treat on its own or Try it over basmati rice  

Natural Ingredients, Better Flavor

We are constantly keeping our taste buds and eyes peeled
for new products while ensuring the shelves and coolers
are filled with your favorites. From fresh squeezed juices
and seasonal fruits to sliced deli meats and fresh baked
breads, you can taste the difference.

You have a right to know that what you are
buying is grown and harvested in an environ–
mentally safe and sustainable manner.

We have made a pledge to sell local produce when available, reducing our carbon footprint and providing more nutrition.

We also have a liquor store!

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closed for the season we will reopen in may 

thank's to all of our customers for a great season see you next year